Greek from scratch on Zoom

Online classes for beginners starting October 2020.

Odysseus and the Sirens

Odysseus and Sirens (Ὀδύσσευς καὶ Σειρῆνες)

Course Content

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in Ancient Greek, the language of Homer, Plato and St Paul. No previous knowledge will  be assumed.

In a course designed for complete beginners you will quickly learn the Greek alphabet and discover that English has already provided you with an extensive Greek vocabulary. Then you will be introduced to the grammar of Classical Greek and be able to read sentences from works by Greek authors (Classical and New Testament) and longer adapted passages of Greek. We shall touch on historical linguistics, in particular the relationship between Greek and English, and there will be many opportunities to discuss aspects of Classical Greek literature, history and thought.

Course materials will be supplied by email..

Medium of tuition

Classes will be delivered online on Zoom, so before you sign up for anything, we'll first need to make sure you can use the system comfortably. In my experience, this can be done in two or three half-hour sessions. 

You will need a laptop or desktop computer with web cam, and a reasonably reliable internet connection. (You will not need your own Zoom subscription.)

Formal Details

After your Zoom training, we'll run a 5-week session with meetings twice weekly (10 hour-long meetings in all). 

Days and times will be arranged to suit the class. (For example, it might be Mondays and Thursdays 3.00-4.00)

Class size: 8-10

Session fee: 50  (35 unwaged)

For further information, email

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