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Terracotta body parts

Terracotta Body Parts, Votive offerings from the temple of Asclepius at Corinth. Visitors would pay for a terracotta votive of their affected body part, and bring it to be stored in the temple.

We'll start with Homer's account of traditional medicine on the battlefield before looking at an exposition of the Hippocratic humoural theory. For an example of empirical medicine we'll then read from Galen's account of his experiments on pigs. Herodotus will supply a biography of a successful physician of the early 5th c. BCE, while Thucydides will contribute a forensic account of the plague in Athens later in the century. Plato will offer us a critical view of 4th c. BCE medicine before we look at the myth of Asclepius with the help of Apollodorus' summary of earlier accounts and Pindar's moralising use of the myth in one of his epinicean odes. Each session we'll take some pithy advice from the Hippocratic Aphorisms.

This term's dates: 22 Jan - 26 Mar 2019

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